DRI has high end latest moulding facility which includes injection moulding machines with capacity from 160 - 400 ton and transfer moulding machines with capacity from 80 - 200ton ensuring consistent high quality products.

Injection Moulding( 160 Ton ) Injection Moulding ( 250 Ton ) Injection Moulding ( 400 Ton )
Transfer Moulding Transfer Injection Moulding Vaccum Moulding

Testing Facilities

DRI has an in house fully computerizedtesting facility capable of doing most of reliability and durability tests as per requirements of its customers.

    Online rubber to metal bonding       Torsional Test
    Endurance Teat       Tensile and Elongation
    Distructive Test       Ash Contents
    Rheological Test       Specific Gravity
    Ozone Test       Compression Test